A Toast to TV Weddings

The incredibly sweet Leslie and Ben nuptials on the Feb. 21 episode of Parks and Recreation quickly became one of my favorite moments of the series. Thinking back to TV weddings of years past, many have been delightful, but few compare to the charm of Parks and Rec’s expert delivery and sincere dialogue played out to perfection.

Still, I will admit even a show like Parks and Recreation was not immune to some of the clichés often sprinkled throughout a wedding episode. But even though viewers have likely now come to expect the inevitable array of dress issues, location fiascos, and ceremony miscues, they still help to contribute to some pretty memorable TV moments. Enjoy the list below detailing some of my favorites.

Short-lived nuptials may have been the center of attention many times throughout the show’s run, but when it came time for Monica and Chandler to tie the knot, there was no question these “friends” would be together forever.

How I Met Your Mother
Never short on sincere moments, How I Met Your Mother has been churning them out since 2005. With the ninth and final season ahead, one classic scene that continues to stand out of course belongs to the show’s everlasting couple, Marshall and Lily.

The Office
I jumped off The Office train somewhere around season five, but made a point of returning the following year for what turned out to be one of the best moments of the series.

For some odd reason, I don’t know many Scrubs fans (c’mon people!), so for those unaware, it’s a show that’s as wacky as it is sweet, and continues to be one of my all-time favorites.

30 Rock
For seven wonderful seasons, there was no telling just what the future would hold for the charming, hard working, Liz Lemon. That is, until resident hunk James Marsden came along and boldly went where no man had gone before. Tina Fey delivers like only she can in a sweet conclusion to life as a bachelorette.

Parks and Recreation
I’m gonna have to be a homer about this one and allow not one, but TWO entries for Parks and Recreation. 

Yes, I absolutely loved “Leslie and Ben,” but who could forget “Andy and April’s Fancy Party,” which helped set the tone for the show’s innate ability to capture monumental moments in the best way possible.

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