How to Make a Parks and Rec Page-A-Day Calendar

Unlike most ecards, the one above is neither sarcastic nor inherently false. The TV show “Parks and Recreation” really did make life better, and will continue to forever.

The internet is a great place for Parks and Rec fans, and I personally have enjoyed keeping all my great finds in one place thanks to Pinterest:

In 2015, shortly after the show’s brilliant series finale, I decided I wanted to create my own bit of Parks and Rec fan art. A tribute of sorts, and one that would be available 365 days a year.

Enter my custom-made Parks and Rec page-a-day calendar. Quotes for every single day of 2016. View on Instagram or monthly galleries. And for those interested in learning how it was made, keep reading!

How to Make a Parks and Rec Page-A-Day Calendar

Step 1

Create the document you’ll use to store the quotes. I chose an Excel doc with tabs for each month, plus one for all of them, and one for extras. Yes, a show as great as Parks and Rec yielded well over 366 quotes (it was a leap year).

Step 2

Start watching! I used Netflix and turned the closed captioning on to make it a bit easier. It can be a little tough to keep up with the dialogue, but with the captions on, you have the option to pause your desired quote while transcribing.

How do you know which quotes to use? That’s really up to you. Just keep in mind that you’ll want to pick quotes that sound good on their own, without context.

I also opted to use them out of order, since so many were perfect for specific days in the year. But if you want to keep it simple, your calendar can be created in chronological order.

I tried to incorporate quotes from as many different characters as possible, though admittedly, I did snub Mark Brendanawicz. Oh well.

Step 3

If you decide to handpick quotes for specific days, then you can either assign them as you go along, or wait until you have gathered them all. I did a little of both.

Now you’re ready to get designing.

Step 4

You can of course use whatever kind of design program you like, but my tool of choice was Canva. Its free services are remarkable, though they do offer a paid account as well.

Within my Canva account, I created a project for each month to keep the dates organized.

Step 5

One of Canva’s best features is its built-in templates, which definitely came in handy when I couldn’t think of anything more creative to go with the quote. But for the most part, the quotes lent themselves to plenty of fun backgrounds.

Step 6

Depending on how often you work on this, it can be completed start to finish in roughly four months. This was a gift for a friend so I had a deadline to meet in order to have it ready in time. And because it was a gift, I went the extra step of having it printed!

Social Print Studio was clutch in printing it all in a very timely fashion. While they do actually offer a Daily Calendar, I wanted something larger, so I opted for their 4×4 Squares (pictured below).

Step 7

Welp, that’s about it. If you so choose, make an Instagram or Twitter account to share with fellow fans throughout the year. If nothing else, it makes for a nice place to have all your creations handy. 

I may re-visit Parks quotes again for a future calendar since I had so many extras, but for 2017, I’ve switched gears to…Hamilton! Follow along HERE!

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