Songs From Movies: TV Edition

A running series of songs I may not have known had it not been for movies (television). Or in some cases, now come to associate a certain song with the scene in which it was included.

In one of my favorite episodes of TV ever, “Remedial Chaos Theory” explores the possibility of various timelines and the actions and consequences within each of them. While the first six timelines yielded less than stellar results for the “Community” gang, the seventh and final one proved to be the most desired one of all.

One of the major reasons for the success of the seventh timeline was that Jeff was forced to go get the pizza, allowing Britta’s song selection of “Roxanne” to finally get its moment in the spotlight.

And as evidenced by the clip below, the wait was well worth it. The lasting memory of an impromptu “Community” dance party will forever be linked with The Police’s notable tune.

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