What is a Penny Bun?

In thinking of a name for the site, I wanted something that would be easy to find. I didn’t want anything common or competitive because then it would get lost in a Google search. And since just “pennybuns.com” was already taken, I took Mark Zuckerberg’s original approach for “thefacebook.com,” and went with “thepennybuns.”

So, what is a “penny bun,” you ask?

Well, before this site came to exist, a penny bun, to me, was simply one of the most fantastic ham and cheese sandwiches I had ever had. There’s some kind of special sauce included as well, and the final product is downright heavenly. My description and the picture below do not do it justice, but believe me when I tell you that a penny bun is more than just a sandwich. It brightens days. It completes any meal. It is happiness.


Yes, I know, I’m getting a little dramatic, but hey, you asked. So, now you may be wondering why the site is officially called “The PennyBuns,” with no space? No great reason other than I thought it looked cleaner. Can never go wrong with a little simplicity, right?

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